Guatemala - Antigua Los Volcanes

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  • Region - Antigua Fuego
  • Varietals - Bourbon and Catuai
  • Process - Wet Processed
  • Taste Notes - Floral, Citrus, Hazelnut with a chocolate finish
  • Roast level - Medium/Dark
  • Q Grade - 89

This is a new crop of Antigua Los Volcanes a coffee from Guatemala. One of our favourite coffees, it is popular with customers seeking a full flavour but without the bitterness that is often associated with coffee that is roasted too dark.

Among our choice of coffee from Guatemala, the Genuine Antigua Los Volcanes and Almolonga are by far the best coffees with regards to quality. The taste profile of these coffees is, above all, complex. Time and time again, we are amazed about the variety of flavour nuances that are brought out depending on the roasting grade. In our opinion, these coffees are best sold unblended, thus their unique complexity and aroma can be savoured best. For these coffees, we recommend a medium to dark roast to bring out the chocolatey notes.