Indonesia - Mandheling Queen Ketiara

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  • Region - Sumatra - Highland Region Takengon
  • Varietals - Bourbon, Catimor, Typica
  • Process - Semi-washed / wet hulled & dried in the sun
  • Taste notes - Dark Chocolate, Sage, Thyme and Butterscotch
  • Roast Level - Medium/Dark
  • Q Grade - 85


This premium coffee is characterized to have an intense bold cup. The dark bittersweet experience that coffee lovers will experience with this particular bean is integrated by dark, chocolate tones with accents of sage and thyme. This strong but exquisite flavour is mixed with the sweetness of butterscotch-like notes.

Coffee has its roots in Indonesia during the colonial times, when Dutch first introduced the arabica variation in Jakarta. The first exports were made to Europe through the Dutch East India Company in 1711 making Indonesia the first place out of Ethiopia where coffee was widely cultivated. During the 18th century Indonesia was the biggest coffee supplier worldwide until the 1840’s when Brazil emerged as an exporter leader and is now the fourth biggest exporter of coffee worldwide.

The “Queen Ketiara” is grown in the rich bio-diverse highland region of Aceh Gayo Indonesia in the northern end of Sumatra. This island is responsible for 65% of all coffee production in Indonesia. The Queen Ketiara coffee is grown under shade of different surrounding trees as the Lantoro, Pines and Cedar. The surname Queen has been given to this coffee because people involved in the production are mainly women.