Mexico - Mountain Water Decaffeinated

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  • Region - Huatusco Veracruz
  • Varietals - Bourbon, Tipica, Caturra, Catuai
  • Process - Washed & Sundried
  • Taste notes - Chocolate, Vanilla, Floral, Lemon
  • Roast Level - Medium/Full

Balanced and rich body with sweet and floral notes of vanilla, chocolate and some lemon with bright acidity.

Grown by small producers from Huatusco Veracruz in Mexico. The production in this area is so large that the producers have to sell their coffee cherries to a wet mill that is operated by Exportadora de Café California. This wet mill ensures that only ripe cherries are received and that the coffee is dried slowly in drum driers at the optimum heat of 85°C. The coffee region stretches up the state border of Puebla, around 35km northwest and ends at the bottom of the “Pico de Orizaba” which at 5750m is the highest mountain in Mexico. Producers in this region have an average farm size of 20 hectares. Most of the time, farms are too small to hold their own wet mill, but the production is so large that they are unable to hand-pulp their own coffee cherries as most small producers do.